Premier League Reject Portsmouth’s Transfer Appeal

Chris Wright

20th, February 2010

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By Chris Wright.


Unsurprisingly, The Premier League have today rejected Portsmouth FC‘s fairly ridiculous plea to sell off their players outside of the transfer window, leaving the south coast club just nine days from liquidation.

The statement from The Premier League issued this morning reads;

“The Premier League board can confirm they have been actively considering a request from Portsmouth to transfer players outside of the Transfer Window.

“We are grateful for positive assistance from FIFA and the FA but, having given the matter further consideration and taking into account all factors, the Premier League board have decided that this would not be an appropriate course of action at this time.”

The ruling has left Pompey Chief executive Peter Storrie desperately looking for yet another takeover candidate, though you’ve got to ask yourself: who the hell would want anything to do with Portsmouth at the moment?

Storrie will need to find a suitable backer, and be able to prove that all the necessary funds will be in place, in time for his return to court on March 1st.

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1 Comment

  1. ZOSKA says:

    Tragic for the fans of Portsmouth, (I can only imagine their pain) but none the less the only fair result. Anything but the rejection to this ludicrous idea, would have opened up a can for future potential problems for the Premier League!

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