Good Ol’ Fashioned Rant: Spanish Press (Specifically AS And MARCA) Are Actually Stalking Gareth Bale At Home Now

Chris Wright

13th, August 2013


By Chris Wright


The combination of a footballing fallow period and the tabloid papers being pressured into “getting creative” in order to fill their sucking-wound columns is a potentially maddening one and, increasingly from what we’ve seen this summer, transfer dealings and the spurious tittle-tattle that envelopes them are being reported in ever decreasing minutiae – to the point, in fact, where “Gareth Bale returns to Spurs training” spent almost all day on Sky Sports News’ rolling ticker not so very long ago.

Yep, “man turns up for work” was the headline on that famous day. What a truly glorious age we live in.

That said, if you think that the British press hordes are disconcertingly obsessed with the empire of shite they’ve created for themselves, then we’d give the Spanish papers a miss at the moment as both Real Madrid-centric outlets, AS and MARCA, are currently in the midst of dedicating their entire summer to hounding Gareth Bale out of Tottenham and into the Praying Mantis arms of their beloved club.

It’s been non-stop since last season; tippy-tapping, conjuring “come and get me’s” out of the ether, recycling old Luka Modric quotes and attributing them to Bale, etc, etc. Ever low-down trick in the gutter press book.

It’s been perpetual, daily, nonsense – but they have their editorial line and, in times as lean as these, they’re going to suckle at its teat until it drops off.


Indeed, things have taken a turn for the sinister today with the news that journalists from AS and Marca (including one of the AS editors) have effectively spent the day stalking Bale, door-stepping him outside his house in the a.m and badgering him all the way to Newport, Wales where his national team are convening ahead of an international friendly against Northern Ireland in midweek – farting questions at his face every step of the way.

It would appear that the hacks have been camped outside Bale’s abode for a couple of days, with Marca subsequently reporting that they’d stood near the Tottenham winger while he packed his bags into his car at one point. Hold the front page.

According to a passage that was later published in AS (which was tracked down and translated by the guys over at Sports Witness), the brief exchange outside Wales’ training HQ went something like this:

‘”You know who I am?”. [Bale] followed the lesson he’d learnt well and was unresponsive. [The AS editor] continued: “I’m the bogeyman.”

‘We accompanied him to the door of the hotel with a flurry of questions: “How are you? Is this a hard time, you’re gonna play with Wales?”. No response.’

AS did manage to coax one incendiary quote out of Bale during their stalking campaign however  – “I’m sorry, it’s really not the time to talk” – which they duly translated into Spanish and plastered across their front page.

Was that really worth it? Spending days outside the house of a man (who has a young family, let’s not forget) and coming up with nothing more than that inconsequential nugget of watery gnat vomit?

Sickening. Truly sickening.

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  1. Guido says:

    Can’t they just leave him alone for fuck’s sake?
    What is the world coming to, have they all gone mad?
    This sickens me so bad that they earned the right of a collective flurry of punches.

    I can’t imagine Gareth getting a good feeling from all this speculation/stalking.
    But Tottenham still has his back.

  2. Ian says:

    If it ever gets to him, which I doubt it will, all he has to do is look at his bank account and all will be well again.

  3. TravisKOP says:

    theres one simple easy solution for all this bollocks. all he has to do is hold a presser, sit down and say,”im staying/going, now please bugger off,” stand up and leave. IF he wanted the press to leave him alone all he needs to do is end the damned speculation!

  4. Ricardo says:

    I don’t know, according to an earlier whoateallthepies story,Bale is trade marking his little hand thingy he does after scoring (the love heart with the fingers thing). He clearly wants to sell it as merchandise.

    If you want to be idolised, sell products and attract fame and attention, can you really complain when some of it is not wanted?

    I personally don’t feel you can ask for attention, try to hock products you have trade marked after yourself and then complain about privacy invasion.

    If he was a low-profile guy and not an attention seeker I would feel sympathy for him, however in this instance I can’t. If you sell your image, you sell your privacy.

    But you are correct that the stories aren’t worth the computer they’re typed on.

  5. KJ says:

    If I remember correctly (I read the original article in AS) they were waiting for him in one of the hotels in Cardiff Bay. Stil woeful though.

  6. Peters says:

    I can only wish in my day to day grind, other companies openly pursuing me, their employees telling the press I have the company DNA, taking pictures of me showing up to work.

  7. pedro ramón says:

    pepe masats the crooked lawyer from granada is involved

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