Retro Football: Transfer Gossip On Front Page Of 1961 Italian Newspaper (Photo)

Chris Wright

16th, August 2013


By Chris Wright

This brilliant image arrived in Pies’ email inbox this morning having been sent by a ruddy decent chap called Morgen who came across it while browsing Reddit, and we thought it would be truly caddish of us not to share.

What we see is the front page of the now-defunct Italian newspaper Domenica del Corriere (which was well regarded for its splendid artwork) from 9th July, 1961 which gives us a glimpse of what spurious football transfer gossip used to look like way back when…


Our Italian isn’t great but the translations are something close to “venduto” = sold, “troppo poco” = too little, and “offerta respinta” = offer rejected.

Bear in mind that all those prices are in Italian lire, things weren’t quite so wappy then as they are now!

Also, not the casual reference to Pele as “negretto” on the front page of a national newspaper. While we assume it’s not being used in the pejorative form, it’s still a bit jarring to see such language used so openly.