Snapshot: The Whole Willian Transfer Debacle Explained In One Picture

Alan Duffy

23rd, August 2013


By Alan Duffy


No, Willian, it was really bloody something! What a palavar the afrotastic Brazilian has caused ahead of his move, we think, to Chelsea.

What with Liverpool and then Tottenham and now Jose Mourinho’s Blues all vying for the Anzhi attacker, it’s been a rather vicious affair.

With Mourinho implying that the player is about to sign on the dotted line for the west Londoners, the whole affair looks to be coming to an end. However, I can’t see Andre Villas-Boas being too happy with his fellow countryman, just as Brendan Rodgers won’t be too happy with him.

Anyway, what a superb picture courtesy of clever clogs @BeardedGenius.

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  1. Kentucky Boxing GLove says:

    Doesn’t Willian play for Anzhi Makakalalakkakaaaka?

  2. TravisKOP says:

    yup. just about sums it up perfectly. Being a Liverpool fan nowadays is so depressing. Find a good player, bid, lose out because we have no CL credentials. Can’t make top four because we don’t have enough good players.

  3. Disasturbation says:

    Top pic. This transfer saga is toss, but some folk seem genuinely more interested in it than watching the bloody game.

  4. Bumpf says:

    As a Spurs fan, I’m relatively ‘meh’ about being gazumped. Happens all the time – we’ve been in that position of Champions League clubs nicking people off us for years. Who can forget Fernando Torres, who we chased, entertained and gladhanded in Spain for two seasons before… who was it that came in and signed him? Seem to forget… No, it’s more the manner this has happened that leaves a sour taste.

    First, some context: he wasn’t a Liverpool target we gazumped at all – Villas Boas has tried to sign him every season for the last three years, last year being while at Spurs. So how he’s been in any way ‘scouted’ by Liverpool, I’ve no idea, he’s been on everyone’s radar for a long time. Liverpool also had nothing agreed with the player, they hadn’t even held talks.

    Now, on the other hand, Spurs had paid for him to come to London, and paid for his medical, and his passport and documentation were being processed, and had booked a work permit meeting for him. Instead of attending said work permit meeting, he went and signed for Chelsea, only for Mourinho to appear on TV and laugh about it.

    Also it’s worth pointing out that the reason Liverpool currently can’t afford as much as Spurs is because they threw all their money away when Dalglish was there and Rodgers has had his purse strings severely limited as a result of lavish spending. Liverpool broke Spurs’ then transfer record three times in one season, just two seasons ago, let’s remember.

    Spurs, meanwhile, made a profit for the last two transfer windows and are also clearly going to sell Bale, so again, no sugar daddy, just sensible reinvestment and management of resources. Hate on modern football all you want, there’s plenty to hate, but it irks me the suggestion that Spurs are buying their way to anything. We’ve managed to stay competitive while not spending very much and frankly have earned the right and the cash to buy a few players

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