Sepp Blatter threatens to destroy cancerous Premiership


2nd, April 2007


Blatter.jpgFIFA president and football’s adoptive father, Sepp Blatter, has announced that he would like to destroy the Premiership. In his latest bizarre outburst, Blatter also takes a swipe at Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger.
He told French sports newspaper Attrapé Hors Jeu: “The Premiership is the cancer on modern football. Too much money, too much ego, too little respect for the game and people like me who try to make it better. After Chelsea lose, Mourinho talks about the referee. After Arsenal lose, Wenger talks about the other team playing bad football. It is getting to the point where I would rather destroy the Premiership completely then have them be an example to other leagues of how to play. You can say that I am joking, but I know people. Bad people.”

Sepp Blatter threatens to destroy cancerous Premiership continued
Yes, you are reading that correctly. He does criticise the Premiership for having too much ego, and in the next breath claim the Premiership has too little respect for Saint Sepp, Saviour of Football.
And while we are Blatter-bashing, you might as well indulge in this April Fools’ Day article fom [Via Caught Offside, Rob Parker]

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  1. Ollie, Pies Ed. says:

    Blatter is a prize tool, isn’t he.

  2. joe says:

    How is this lunatic running UNOPPOSED for another term in office?
    The prem is the top league on earth, no question. Blatter and Platini are communists who want to see CSKA Sofia win the Champions League. Where does this arsehole think all the TV money will go if he “destroys” the premiership? Nobody’s going to get a billion dollar tv deal to watch Brondby play Boavista.
    During Blatter’s terms in charge football has become a mess of diving, farce, and scandal all overseen by a bloated fatcat who is never terribly subtle in his desire to screw the teams people actually want to see. He wants to incorporate socialist rules to a sport thats governed by money. And nobody’s even come out to oppose another few years with him at the helm, rediculous.