Toronto FC Hype Jermain Defoe’s Imminent Arrival With Brilliant ‘Spit Take’ Promo Viral (Video)

Chris Wright

14th, January 2014


By Chris Wright

Fans of the old comedic device known as the ‘spit take’ will most likely love the new viral video that Toronto FC are using to hype the ‘bloody big deal’ that will see Jermain Defoe join the club in February – being as it features lots of stunned Tottenham fans gobbing all over things (the birthday cake is a personal favourite!) in sheer disbelief after hearing the news.

It’s really rather good..

(Video: Toronto FC)

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  1. Steve-o says:

    It’s pronounced with the second T silent. ;-)

  2. Jarren says:

    Cool, looking forward to seeing him come to Montreal.

    Thought I doubt he will get much past Impact’s Troy Perkins.

    Bring it on, Toronto!

  3. toonarmytx says:

    aw hell…. I live in the Dallas area and try to support FC Dallas (difficult as they’re awful, do NOTHING to bring in and support local area football fans, and play a million miles away from the actual 5 million population of North Texas) but with both Michael Bradley AND Defoe (a non-Toon player I rather like) I may have to genuinely consider my ver very shaky allegiance…. damn!

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