Zlatan Ibrahimovic Sort Of Jokingly Promises Jurgen Klopp He’d Gladly Move To Dortmund For Free (Video)

Chris Wright

14th, January 2014


By Chris Wright

Yes, it’s just a bit of a off-hand joke and “the wish is father to the thought” and all that hokum, but while Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Jurgen Klopp were giggling merrily with one another in the foyer at the Ballon d’Or awards, the former playfully enquired as to when the latter would be bringing him to Dortmund.

Klopp then mused that he’d probably have to sell his entire squad to be able to afford the PSG striker, to which Zlatan replied that he’s gladly move to Dortmund for free – a quip that may have just been a little too quick on the tongue for the Qatar Investment Authority’s liking!


(Video via 101GG)