Snapshot: David Villa Officially Unveiled By New York Cit….Hang On A Soddin’ Minute!

Chris Wright

5th, June 2014


By Chris Wright

Here we see David Villa being officially unveiled as a New York City FC Melbourne City FC player, a mere matter of days after signing on the dotted line for MLS’s newest franchise…


For those unable to keep up, after agreeing a deal to join NYCFC, Villa has, seemingly out of nowhere, joined the American club’s sister team over in Australia’s A-League on a three-month guest loan.


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  1. rich says:

    Qué?!…so confused…

  2. Dean says:

    NYCFC isn’t coming into the league until next season, so he is being loaned in the meantime.. and how convenient! Man City seem to have these sister clubs all over the place, so they can just keep him within their umbrella..

  3. ChrisCan says:

    Exactly as Dean said. NYCFC don’t start play until early next year, so the plan was always to loan Villa to another City affiliate for a few months (I thought it might actually be to Man City, tbh).

  4. Ron says:

    NYCFC seems like one more sports team for fair-weather non-New Yorkers who live in NYC to support. Kind of. See: all of the NY Rangers “hockey fans” who have come out of the woodwork now that the Rangers are in the Finals. Good thing with that is the Kings are going to smash them to bits.

  5. Hugh Jaas says:

    Word on the streets in the land down under is he will be joining Melbourne FC (formerly Melbourne Heart, now owned by Man $hiteh) for a 10 week guest stint until NYFC kick off their season. Based on the A-League blooper reels, all I can say is he better watch out for his ankles and his head.

  6. Tim Hamilton says:

    As Huge said, in the space of about half an hour earlier this week, Melbourne Heart officially renamed themselves Melbourne City, then unveiled Villa for a guest stint (actually a type of contract you can sign in the A-League, we’ve had other players use it). The consortium that owns Manchester City and NYCFC also own Melbourne City.

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