How Much? Nicklas Bendtner’s Wage Demands For Eintracht Frankfurt Move Are Astronomical (But Hardly Surprising)

Chris Wright

25th, July 2014


By Chris Wright


Potential suitors are invited to form an orderly queue…

It would seem that Nicklas Bendtner is struggling to find himself new employers this summer following his release by Arsenal, which is perhaps not surprising given the vast yawning schism of difference between his own opinion of his talent and his actual ability.

Case in point being his astronomical contract and salary demands, with details of the terms supposedly sought by Bendtner’s representatives to facilitate a move to Eintracht Frankfurt being leaked today.

Indeed, according to Guardian editor Marcus Christenson, BT Sport are reporting that Bendtner (who has played about 10 competitive games in the last three years, don’t forget) demanded a base rate of£40,000-a-week to join the Bundesliga side, with a further massive bonus for every point picked up by the club next season…

Looking elsewhere, you say? Surely not?