‘I Told Luis He Was Too Good For Arsenal’ – Liverpool Captain Steven Gerrard Has Pop At Gunners Over Last Summer’s Suarez Transfer Saga

Alan Duffy

30th, July 2014


By Alan Duffy


Thursday’s newspaper are full of quotes from Liverpool captain Stevie G, who has lifted the lid (a bit) on last summer’s transfer saga involving Luis Suarez, Arsenal and that infamous “£40million plus one pound” bid.

Gerrard’s revelation that he told Suarez to forget the Gunners and ultimately aim for a bigger and better club will no doubt irk some Arsenal fans.

Here’s what the Kop icon had to say:

“I would have been really sad and disappointed to see Luis go to Arsenal. With all due respect to them, I said to him that he was too good for Arsenal.

“I said if you score 30 goals for us and win the PFA Player of the Year, the press Player of the Year – I knew he was going to win them – I told him Real or Barcelona will come for you.

“I think he got the wrong advice last year from people around him, from people saying he needed to play in the Champions League and it did not matter who it was for.”

Interestingly, the Liverpool veteran then goes on to claim that, if Suarez had stayed with the club, they would be favourites to win the league this year, saying:

“I believe if we had Luis Suarez we’d be favourites. I’m disappointed to see him leave now but I am happy for him that’s he has got what he wants and deserves.

“Since day one he has been phenomenal in training every day and in the games.”

Two pretty big claims there from the recently-retired England captain, firstly that Suarez was too good for Arsenal, and secondly that the Merseysiders would have been favourites to win the 14/15 Premier League had the Uruguayan stayed.

Let the arguing commence….!

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  1. Tom says:

    Yeah, he said – ‘Ey, Luis, don’t join Arsenal who are always challenging for the title, always in the Champions League, and have the most successful manager currently in England. Stay with us, a club who haven’t won a title in your lifetime, have a manager who has won nothing in his entire career, and a club that will finish 8th if you leave us!’

    Stevie G – crap for England, crap for his club, crap for advice!

  2. obadeli says:

    Apparently he was to good for liverpool as well because he left y’all .

  3. Gerrard Pretender says:

    Those Liverfool boys still living in the 70’s when they were a big club!

    LOSERPOOL – NO TITLE IN 24 YEARS AND COUNTING. To quote their former manager – FACT!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Come off it Tom, Arsenal’s title challenges end in January-February every year. No one cares about their usual quick starts anymore because by the end of February they’re consolidating to stay in the CL.

  5. Charlie Boy says:

    Yes – and Suarez was too good for the crappy England Captain. What a moron!

    • Anonymous says:

      Arsenal… celebrate top 4 like we celebrated our champions league final victory. Happpy being 4th every year with no ambition to be anything more. When push comes to shove arsenal fall down.

  6. Jack says:

    Gunners finally won a trophy after 9 years but wait, Wenger must go winn be the yearly tune if they don’t contend. Proud failures!

  7. Drisa says:

    Stevie, the man Sir Alex deems average and certainly no world class player. Most of us at the time felt Sir Alex went over the top and was unnecessary cruel to Stevie G. However, Sir Alex knew what he was talking about. Who cost Liverpool the EPL title last season? Their Captain capitulated in the last few games, especially, against Chelsea. As if that was not enough he and Hodgson led a squad of shame to the World Cup where, once again, he seemed like a squirrel caught up in bright lights not knowing where to go, just before the bone crunching contact. Ouch! He knew Suarez was way much bigger for Liverpool and he was trash-talking

  8. Oli says:

    Typical Liverpool tub thumping , empty vessels do make the most noise.

  9. Eoin Fitz says:

    Say what you will he’s right. Suarez is too good for arsenal when Liverpool bought him he was 22M and because of liverpool his value more than tripled. He was great for Ajax but Liverpool (and mostly BR) made him world class. I also find it appalling how England fans are so comfortably berating their former captain the same man who dragged them through the euros. If a player has a bad spell get over it. Fans are supposed to be supporters not couch critics so get behind your team or wake up and realize nobody cares about your bitter opinions.

  10. Ron says:

    Yeah anonymous at 11.30, you don’t care cause you launch a title challenge once every 6years inevitably falls over then your best player leaves immediately after that (Torres)…

  11. paul35mm says:

    Suarez was already a target for both Real and Barsa when Arsenal went in for him; and the transfer wasn’t derailed by Gerrard’s self-serving advice, it was stopped by John Henry’s brilliant but illegal flaunting of Suarez’s release clause. If Suarez had put up a stink, Liverpool would have been forced to release him, but he didn’t and Arsenal moved on.

    Liverpool weren’t favorites with Suarez and until they sold him they didn’t have the money to sign the players it would take to make them certain contenders. As an Arsenal supporter, I want the Gunners to win the title and they’re doing all the right things to get there; but for any player or team to think they’re favorites, regardless of signings, is an idiot. There are a half dozen teams in the PL with a real shot at the title; Liverpool are one of them to be sure, but favorites? with Surez or without him, no. Not this season, not last, and not next.

  12. Soccer Steve says:

    I dunno. SG was just being pragmatic. He knew Luis was gone so he told him to wait for when – not if – the biggest teams came sniffing. Which they did. Which is done. SG was bang on.

    Saying Arsenal are always challenging for the title is like saying Dortmund or Roma are always challenging in their respective leagues. Sure, they do, but they aren’t going to win it.

  13. zebedee says:

    dats y steven gerard would always be a looser, always leading his team to failure.

  14. OzGoonerGuy says:

    Who knows what crap Liverpool told Suarez. They’re a pack of liars.

    what he took away from that discussion was that he’s too good for Liverpool.

  15. MrBonzai83 says:

    Well well well! Stevie G you are a liar sir, Wright, Bergkamp, Henry and Robin Van Persie were all better than Luis I am afraid and we know that because we watched them all and you. Also why are you putting us down i have seen you come off our pitch nearly suicidal due to the fact that you could not raise your game to beat us. Fabregas, Viera, Gilberto and Petit all out play you. Also i really wish that you ‘So called star’ and other’s so called Elite stars should respect the fact that you share a league with the greater and more world renowned Arsene Wenger than your avg at best ass. Your days were over as an elite player when Abou Diaby walked you off the pitch 2 years ago its been like watching some one flog a dead horse watching you play TBH.

  16. Dan says:

    I don’t know hey. Stevie G can be pretty annoying, but even as an Arsenal fan I think these are both pretty valid statements.
    He’s not saying Liverpool are way better than Arsenal – just that if Suarez leaves he should go to the Reals/Bayerns/Barcas of the world.
    Plus, Suarez is so damn good that yeah, they might well have won the league this season, had he stayed.

  17. kihenja says:

    hei are u talking about arsenal?this a team that doesnt have class. i dont think they can afford any world class player.shud go to france and get the stars who fit there.giroud sanogo diaby flamini.thats why ozil is struggling and see sanchez flop.

  18. Darren says:

    TOM – when did Arseanal last seriously challenge for the title? every club is challenging at the begining of the season as they all start on zero points. Arsenal’s challenge always peters out in January. Liverpool have won more in the last 10 years that Arsenal have so all of your points are rubbish. YES Suarez is too good for Arsenal, he is also too good for Liverpool. he is arguably the best striker in the world so deserves to be playing at 1 of the top clubs in the world and they are currently Barca, Real and Bayern so Gerrard was correct in every thing he said

  19. Bill says:

    Haha, even the pros think Arsenal is shite. Love it!

  20. Anonymous says:

    LOL @ Tom you mug

    “most successful manager currently in England” League Cup champions 2013, forst trophy in how many years?

    Clearly Suarez was too good for Arsenal and Liverpool and Gerrard`s was right as he ended up at Barcelona, currently a much bigger club than Liverpool and always have been bigger than Arsenal.

    Jog on you muppet.

  21. lango says:

    yea,liverpores will be number 5 next season,the venome ia gone.sorry!!!!!!

  22. Hahaha...Poor widdle Stevie says:

    Stevie you cheeky little upstart, fantastic whinney Monday’s expert quote. Why would you let that one also slip? Worried about the season ahead perhaps. BTW Stevie, how’s your trophy cabinet looking?

  23. Tellitasitis says:

    Sorry, who said this? Steven who? I think I remember him, he was lauded as a decent enough player 10 or so years ago. Can’t say I’ve heard much about any world class personal achievments since…maybe his trophy cabinet might tell a different story. OH hang on, now I remember, he’s the slow old choker who keeps slipping over. Can’t help but laugh at the poor bugger.

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