West Brom Unveil Two New Signings Using Vine, Results Are Cringe-Inducingly Iffy

Chris Wright

6th, August 2014


By Chris Wright

For reasons best kept to themselves, West Brom decided to officially unveil slightly underwhelming new signing, Australian full-back Jason Davidson, in fitting fashion yesterday: with a slightly underwhelming Vine clip posted on their official Twitter account.

In fact, during the final awkward seconds of the snippet, you can actually see the life drain from his eyes as his smile starts to waver…

Seemingly pleased with the results of the Davidson test, West Brom then used Vine once again to announce the signing of boingy boingy boingy Costa Rican midfielder Cristian Gamboa this morning, with similarly odd results…

Those smiles. Almost…painted on.

Personally, we’d probably just stick to the tried and true “scarf aloft in an empty stadium” photos from now on chaps.