Mario Balotelli Is Officially A Liverpool Player, Signs ‘Long Term’ Deal At Anfield (First Photos)

Chris Wright

25th, August 2014


By Chris Wright

Done deal. Mario Balotelli is now officially a Liverpool player having signed a three-year deal at Anfield this morning (no word on that “bad behaviour clause, however!).

The Reds announced Balotelli’s signing on Twitter using their now familiar chintzy-looking “Sky Sports breaking news” knock-off graphics…

Let the fun and games commence!

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  1. Hootie says:

    This is a BARGAIN. Liverpool have got themselves a classy, young, mental striker to replace their classy, older, mental striker. The 50 million price difference will more than account for any risks.

  2. squashtheninetysix says:

    If LFC say it’s a “long term deal” you can bet your house on it being a 1 year deal. Either LFC will scrape the top 4 come end of season and Mad Mario will sign a new deal after crashing a buggy through the gift shop window at half time, or Victim FC will finish in their rightful place of 6th/7th and Mad Mario will be off to a big club who can offer him CL football (and by “CL football” I mean £££)

  3. Jarren says:

    Not too sure how Liverpool fans will react to this, I’m sure even the most staunch of them will have their deep-rooted fears, but for the Premier League he’s pure gold dust.

    He either scores outstanding goals, pulls a strop like a 14 year old or wears chicken-themed headgear.


    You know you want to.

    We missed you so much.

  4. Max Shalamar says:

    Nice to see Mario has his name AND his IQ on his shirt :)

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