Fernando Torres has ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ inscribed on the inside of his captain’s armband

Ollie Irish

24th, April 2007


0%2C%2C2007181679%2C00.jpgAtletico Madrid captain Fernando Torres, reportedly a summer transfer target for Man Utd, wears an armband with ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ inscribed on the inside – the armband came loose during Atletico’s 2-0 defeat away to Real Sociedad at the weekend.
The Sun has put two and two together and decided that this obviously is a ‘come and get me!’ plea to compatriot Rafa Benitez. We’re not sure about that, but we’d be interested to know why Torres wears an armband with Liverpool’s rallying call written on it. Maybe he supported Liverpool as a kid – any answers/ideas welcome…

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  1. Cole Henley says:

    > Maybe he supported Liverpool as a kid – any answers/ideas welcome…
    Alternatively he could be a fan of the musical Carousel, Gerry & the Pace Makers or support Celtic, Ipswich Town, SK Rapid Vienna, F.C. Tokyo…

  2. Ollie, Pies Ed. says:

    Ha, I knew someone would mention Celtic et al and you didn’t let me down Cole!
    Chances are it’s a Liverpool reference though…

  3. ski says:

    maybe he is scared of walking on his own and he uses this as a mental reminder to conquer his phobia.

  4. Ahmed Bilal says:

    Maybe he just ‘likes’ the phrase and keeps it on as motivation?
    As Atletico Madrid captain and a player who has repeatedly insisted that he wants to play for AM, secretly harboring thoughts for Liverpool is a good story but not likely to be true.

  5. sunil says:

    lets look in this way ,for d past couple of seasons he has been a transfer target 4 many biggy clubs incldg manure ,so as manure are closing in on him he might hav thought its d right time send a rescue message to rafa who leads a spanish contingent and also may be followed liv as a kid

  6. Jim says:

    it’s a fake!

  7. Will says:

    actually Jim has the same idea i had. i think its just a fake; photoshopped on there for a laugh. simple if you think about it, they used liverpool because they’re the only one of the big clubs who has a recognisable and short “phrase” that could be easily put onto an armband. if it were real wouldn’t it be in spanish, perhaps? just a thought.

  8. Will says:

    Will, you make too much sense for this forum. :-)

  9. Jonathan says:

    Why are you so sceptical, it is not a fake, its in all the spanish news and skysports. Hes been quizzed over it. And only recognisable phrase how about “glory, glory man united”. I would not be surprised if Torres wanted to leave Madrid and this would only suggest he has a fondness for liverpool same as henry.

  10. Paul Freeman says:

    Why was he wearing an armband ? Were all the AM players wearing one? Was it a captains armband?
    It is easy to photoshop something like that, but why?

  11. louisquatorze says:

    Clearly, it’s for Borussia Dortmund…
    Maybe he has the toaster.

  12. Eric says:

    Fake! It must be fake, why would he have it written in English? He doesn’t speak English?

  13. Connor says:

    you dont have to speak english to be able to know the most famous song and term in footballing history!!this song is known by millions of people worldwide, english speakers and non-english speakers alike, so y wudnt Torres know it too!!

  14. rocky says:

    If any one has actually clicked the picture you may notice it is in English!Just a strange font.

  15. Chris says:

    I’m a graphic designer and would notice a tampered image. It looks 100% fake to me.

  16. Johnny says:

    Well he may know the true history of the song, and knows that it was sang at Old Trafford first. And as usual robbed by the scouser’s. So he’s probably on his was to old trafford:)

  17. Anonymous says:

    He was close to his Grandfather and believed to be that his grandfather told him before he dies, seeing his grand son play for Atletico Madrid was his best dream… so wears the slogan on his armband in memory of his Grandfather!!!
    But I like the Idea that the Scousers knicking it off of the Footy Chants Factory at OT better!!!

  18. Aoddie says:

    Torres Stuns Liverpool With £31.2m Contract Demand.

  19. Will Tyerman says:

    Fernando Torres wears this on the inside of his armband because it is motivating for him. He loves the way that all of the Kop sing “You’ll never walk alone” at the start of a game. He says it inspires him to play well.

  20. Adi says:

    On merseyside finallising his move…’nuff said!!

  21. 7 says:

    quite obviously true, seeing as he is now a liverpool player

  22. Jamie H says:

    It’s not a fake, he explains it in his interview at the following URL:

  23. LOZ says:


  24. muhammad says:

    well hez here now so ppl cnt say anything

  25. Chris says:

    It was because all his mates got a tattoo sayin YNWA but because he was at Athletico he cudnt get one, so his mates bought him that band.

  26. Catrin says:

    Well he was actually a teenager supporter of Liverpool when he was small, and now he plays for LFC so haha Man Utd

  27. connor says:

    robbed ynwa off OT!! dirty mancs, quite the oposite scumbags, u wish u had a history like ours, torres chose us coz liverpool are the better team, more passion, more determination, no posers, like christiano ronaldo, the rat that he is, he puts england out of the world cup and then gets praised in english football, he should of bin banned from playin in this fine country, we can do better than idiots like him. the best united can manage is nani and tevez, and wot hav they dun this season? and rooney hu sorry? once a blue always a tit. torres will win the golden boot in the prem this season, an then the point’ll b proven, liverpool will win the league this season, then the point’ll be proven. torres wanted to come here, becoz he is smart enuff to see that liverpool is a club thats going places.