Man City will sell Joey Barton this summer. Good riddance?

73577019.jpgMan City have finally lost patience with Joey Barton. The club will unload the outspoken, bottom-baring troublemaker because, frankly, he’s more trouble than he’s worth – and right now, purely as a footballing asset, he’s worth quite a lot to City – at least £6m I’d say.
Now the usual mid-table Prem clubs, who prefer to rely on English graft rather than continental skill – Newcastle and Everton spring immediately to mind – will no doubt be making contact with Barton’s agent very soon, if they haven’t already done so. [Photo: Getty Images]
[Via Guardian]

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  1. Dom says:

    In an ideal world, he’d be sacked and no other league club would touch him with a barge pole. However, City are in no position to be making an example out of him. I think they’ll gladly take the money and get someone in who actually tries to play with the team instead of intimidating them.
    The money paid to players these days is so obscene that being fined wages means nothing and if City can’t deal with him, someone with more money will assume they can by throwing even more cash at him. It’s ridiculous.
    He should be punished by being sent out on 6 months probation loan to Southport FC or something. On Conference players’ wages.

  2. OmegaSupremeho says:

    Hmm Everton mid table, interesting definition of “mid”. Anyway I think we will end up with him, he is a dick but there’ll be much talk of him “calming down”, of Moyes “bringing out the best in him” and then within two years he’ll be in trouble again and off somewhere else. I blame Toxoplasma gondii.

  3. joe says:

    I’d like to think that there’s a manager out there who can deal with Barton much like Allardyce has dealt with Anelka. Its not looking to good however. Is there anything too stupid for this arsehole not to do?? I don’t think he’ll click under Moyes if thats where he ends up. I really just sorta hope he fades away and ends up in the MLS.