Official: Petr Cech Writes Personal Letter Thanking Roman Abramovich After Completing Arsenal Transfer

Chris Wright

29th, June 2015


By Chris Wright

The deal is done. Petr Cech is an Arsenal player…

Cech has moved to Arsenal after agreeing terms on a “long-term contract”, rumoured to be four years, for an undisclosed fee said to be somewhere up around the £11million mark all in.

There are also whispers that Roman Abramovich has let Cech cream off half of the transfer fee as a reward for his years of peerless service. Go go gadget golden handshake!

As is the done thing these days, Cech has also penned an open letter to the Chelsea fans in which, among other things he praises the Blues faithful for their unflinching support and thanks Mr Abramovich from the bottom of my heart for the money allowing him to join one of the club’s biggest rivals…

Fantastic signing, that. He may be 33 but there are still plenty more years of top-level service in Cech’s tank. Edwin van der Sar was 35 when he joined Manchester United in 2005 and look how that panned out. Bloody well, that’s how!

Gooners, how does it feel knowing Arsenal will finally have a proper, reliable adult in goal at long last?!

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  1. MaxPayne says:

    Got to say this was a touch of class by Abromovich and I don’t often say about of cartoonish bilonaire super villains.

  2. Sultan says:

    Great signing for Arsenal..surprised Mou let him go to Arsenal….rival….

  3. Hahaha Chel$ki says:

    It’s pretty clear who wears the pants in the Abramovich/Mourinho household. Let’s now watch as little Jose throws his toys out of the cot.

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