Official: Aston Villa Buy Barcelona Young’n Adama Traore In £7m Deal

Chris Wright

14th, August 2015



It’s official. Aston Villa have signed Adama Traore from Barcelona on a five-year deal…

£7million up front (rising to £12million) for a kiddo who has spent 99.9% of his young career in the Spanish lower tiers? Seems like a lot don’t it?

Well, the general consensus seems to be that Traore is positively dripping in potential and that there’s no way in heck that Villa will be able to hold on to him for the full five years of his contract.

A stepping stone they may be, but we reckon Villa are still going to get their money’s worth out of the 19-year-old winger before he moves on for a mega mark-up.

Exciting times at Villa Park, and when’s the last time you heard those words used in the same sentence?

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  1. cartoonarmy says:

    Supposedly Barcelona have inserted a 3-year buy-back clause into his contract, am I the only one who finds Barca’s constant use of this clause when selling players somewhat annoying? They seem to be the only club that thinks they are big enough to do so.

    • Chris Wright says:

      @Cartoonarmy: The fact that they keep repeatedly inserting the clauses illustrates the fact that they are indeed big enough to do so.

      The reputation of the club and the youth ranks is such that Barca can both buy and sell on their terms most of the time.

      • cartoonarmy says:

        Hi Chris, I might be the only person who this rubs up the wrong way, but their repeated use of the clause just smacks of arrogance. Basically makes the transfer a glorified loan. If the player starts to perform well, they could easily exercise the right to buy him back for little more than what they sold him for, only to use him as a squad player and prevent playing regularly for a team of similar stature. What is your take on it?

        • Chris Wright says:

          @Cartoonarmy: It’s just Barcelona protecting their interests, which they happen to be in a strong position to do.

          We’ve seen it with Real Madrid and Casimero, etc. Farm fringe players out, let some other schmucks pay their wages while they accrue first-team experience and then pinch them back if they come good.

          I’m not saying I enjoy seeing the elite clubs monopolise their players, but they have all the leverage (especially when dealing with teams of Villa’s stature) and would probably be foolish not to take advantage.

          • cartoonarmy says:

            I guess it’s just the nature of the beast these days.

            I know modern day footballers (generally speaking) are self-entitled/spoilt brats, but this sort of business is just another erosion of the decaying corpse that is the beautiful game and reduces players to that of chess piece’s.

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