Karim Benzema: Only A ‘Clown’ Would Think I’m Moving To Arsenal

Paul Sorene

24th, August 2015

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According to no less an authority than the Daily Star, Karim Benzema will arrive at Arsenal today.

The player has taken time out from his packing to tell fans that, er, it’s not happening, tweeting:

For all those clowns who want to make believe things at my fans. Here this is my home !


BEnzema calls Arsenal clowns

Or as the Star, Metro and Daily Telegraph would surely put it: “Benzema refuses to rule out buying second home in Arsenal area!”

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1 Comment

  1. Karims_Cream_Krackers says:

    I have it on good authority from my agent friend Ronald McDonald that Wenger is ready to sign Benzema for £60m. (It’s unclear if the deal includes a loan for either Martin Odergoord or Zidane Jr).

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