Referee Graham Poll announces he will quit next week

Ollie Irish

30th, May 2007


The world’s best referee (© Graham Poll) Graham Poll is retiring from / has been hounded out of football. The official has had his resignation accepted by the Professional Game Match Officials. His last game will be the auspicious Euro 2008 qualifier between Finland and Belgium next week. Following his glorious World Cup, Poll’s final season in refereeing will be remembered for his various run-ins with Jose Mourinho. But this is the incident which has become synonymous with Poll. Here is Croatia’s Josip Simunic collecting his second and third yellow cards of the game against Australia.

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  1. jk says:

    Unfortunatly Poll started to love himself to much. However despite his mistake at the world cup he was still a very very good Referee and didnt get much else wrong.

  2. Col says:
    I have to agree, he was a good referee. I think after the world cup he just stood out so much more and his performance was constantly questioned. I have to agree with his interview also. If referees don’t get respected or if the FA doesn’t do more to support them it’ll get worse and worse. Managers and players shouldn’t be able to degrade Referees like they sometimes do… Everyone makes mistakes.

  3. Rusty says:

    The only thing worse than watching this preening fool referee will be watching this preening fool have a media career. We will never be rid of him! Jeff Winter x100.