‘There Was No Real Goodbye’ – Joe Allen Reveals He Discovered He Was Leaving Liverpool Via Text Message

Chris Wright

19th, August 2016



Joe Allen has revealed that he only became aware that he was being sold by Liverpool when he stumbled upon the news while reading a text message.

The hirsute Welsh midfielder discovered he was in the process of being sold to Stoke when his friend contacted him to prematurely congratulate him on securing what subsequently turned out to be a £13million move to the Potters.

Speaking to the Telegraph, Allen said:

I actually had a text message off a friend congratulating me about making the move when I didn’t even know it was happening at the time.

Not knowing whether the club intend to sell you or keep you, especially when you’re trying to ask the question, is disappointing.

If I’m honest, to find out they accepted an offer through the press isn’t the best way of going about business, I don’t think.

The communication wasn’t great but as soon as Liverpool accepted an offer I knew what their intentions were for me.

It was a bit strange but that’s how things happen sometimes.

There was no real goodbye, but I’m not the most sentimental person anyway. It’s irrelevant now because sitting here I’ve got the move I wanted.

The cynical, impersonal inner machinations of modern football rear their ugly head once again – human beings being bought, sold and paraded like prize cattle, mere commodities in a world gone cold.

Oh well. A nice bowl of Soylent Green might perk us up a bit.