Nigel De Jong: MLS Post Weird, Slightly Bitter ‘Farewell’ Message After Dutch Midfielder Joins Galatasaray (Video)

Chris Wright

1st, September 2016



As you may have seen, Nigel de Jong made the move to Galatasaray amid the hustle and bustle of transfer deadline day, signing a two-year deal with the Turkish side.

The free transfer brought to an abrupt end De Jong’s fairly brief stint in MLS, having signed for LA Galaxy just under eight months ago in February of this year.

It was reported that Galaxy were keen to move the 31-year-old Dutch midfielder on as he was getting perilously close to triggering a clause in his contract that would have seen his deal jump from a $500,000 salary to a two-year designated player deal worth around $3million a season.

Which, all in all, makes the following aspect of his exit all the more confusing.

After the Gala move went through, MLS posted a strange, slightly sour farewell montage for De Jong that seemingly went to great lengths to list his achievements (or lack thereof) during the 18 appearances he made for Galaxy…

Does this seem unduly petty to everybody else, or is it just us?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Criticising a defensive midfielder for not scoring or creating any goals and for getting bookings…

    Yanks still don’t GET football, do they?

  2. up44 says:

    haha, that’s like saying that Makélélé was awful when he played for Real Madrid and Chelsea simply because he only scored twice in nearly 250 matches.

  3. Eeny says:

    I think his reputation as a bit of a dirty player has a part to play in this. It’s almost like a “Thanks for nothing” statement!

  4. BD says:

    As an American who loves football but can’t stand to watch MLS, I believe this speaks to the US soccer inferiority complex. I think it chaps people here that someone would rather play in a place like Turkey than in Los Angeles. As much as everyone here wants it to be, MLS just isn’t any good.

    • Kemal Saran says:

      Although Turkey has a lunatic president, Turkish League is part of UEFA, Turks love football and worship football players, Turkish teams regularly compete in Champions League so why would any player choose to play in MLS over Turkish League? What for ? Arby’s? American “soccer” commentators? Oh BTW Nigel de Jong is afro-dutch and American police one day could easily mix him up for an afro-american… you know how it goes, man!

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