The Ego Has Landed: Nicklas Bendtner Signs For Nott’m Forest On Two-Year Deal (Official)

Chris Wright

7th, September 2016



It’s official. The ego has landed on the banks of the Trent. Nicklas Bendtner is a Nottingham Forest player.

The Dane has signed a two-year deal, with the good (?) news broken by Forest owner Fawaz Al-Hasawi on Twitter just minutes ago…

As we said previously, this really could go either way.

A fit, motivated Nicklas Bendtner could have his fill in the Championship. A slovenly, unfocused Nicklas Bendtner could disappear beneath the waves within months – siphoning off his no-doubt monstrous wages as he goes.

Fingers crossed. That’s all we can say.

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  1. EDub says:

    Bow down … Lord Bendtner has returned.

    All jokes aside, I always liked him, def preferred him to Giroud.

    • Jarren says:

      Yeah mate, difference being Giroud has never publically proclaimed to be amongst the best strikers in the world.

      In the WORLD.

      It’s shite talk like that which has contributed to his ridicule.

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