Chelsea: Diego Costa Left Out Of Blues’ Squad For Leicester Game After Clashing With Antonio Conte

Alan Duffy

13th, January 2017


Diego Costa hasn’t traveled with the Chelsea squad to Leicester for their Saturday Premier League clash with the Foxes, after the Spanish striker got embroiled with Blues’ boss Antonio Conte over an apparent injury.

Costa is apparently convinced that he is suffering from a back problem which is linked to his history of hamstring injuries. However, Chelsea’s medical staff remain unconvinced and have received the full support of Conte over the issue.

This disagreement apparently escalated with both player and manager having a serious falling out which has culminated in the top-flight’s top-scorer being omitted from the Chelsea squad for the Leicester game on Saturday.

The Blues had been preparing to offer their star striker a bumper new deal but according to newspaper reports, Costa’s representatives are now looking at offers from the Chinese Super League which could make the former Atletico Madrid star the highest paid player on the planet.

While we expect all this drama to blow over and for Costa to remain with league leaders Chelsea, at least for this season, stranger things have happened! And if the in-form hitman did indeed leave Stamford Bridge before the end of the month, what might that do to the Blues’ title hopes?!

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  1. NostrilDamus says:

    Wild prediction time… Chelsea are running away with the title, so TPTB have to inject a little suspense to ensure bums on seats for the remainder of the season. My guess this fracas was engineered & Conte & co will kiss & make up in time to get their title success back on track, their reward for being the willing fall guys that helped assure the Leicester title win last season. I mean, come on, that title win was as dodgy as fuck.

    You don’t think this goes on? Collusion on a grand scale? If you can strategically “own” a clutch of the right refs, agents, GK’s & outfield players, you can pretty much determine results over a lengthy period of time. It also helps if you can nandrolone the tits off Jamie Vardy, of course, whilst suppressing any media coverage of nefarious activities. Flash in the pan? Or sports engineering down to a fine art?

    If the Premier League got too predictable & boring, it would lose what Roy Keane said was the best branded league in the world. There’s nothing more a cabal of social engineers loathe than not being able to milk a controlled project. When SAF called Old Trafford the Theatre Of Dreams, he was very much aware that the best place to hide a light is in the sun, and we all know what take place in a theatre.

    Example: there had never been a 5-5 result in the Prem, until SAF’s final game in charge when WBA & Man Utd locked horns to produce said swansong. Lucre was sloshing around that day, for sure.

    Conspiracies in football? That only happens in other countries, right?

    • manker says:

      Mate, I didn’t want to be the one to tell you this, but someone has to. When you made that post, your tinfoil hat was showing. It just peeked out at first with the acronym that David Icke first made popular with his lizard overlords — but then it blazed into full view with the nandrolene nonsense and the notion that Alex Ferguson, in his last game, would collude with his entire staff of players, plus that of West Bromwich Albion, to produce a 10 goal thriller in which honours were share. Because, you know, his legacy desperately needed that.

      You loon.

      • NostrilDamus says:

        You don’t need to be a conspiracy theorist to see the bleedin’ obvious. I’m sorry you aren’t conscious enough to permit to yourself that this can go on, but it does. The game we all love is oftentimes staged.

        You think SAF was going to go out on a regular scoreline? His legacy didn’t desperately need it, agreed. But you severely underestimate the ego of these people – they do it ‘cos they *can*. And they can because those of you who cannot see are the ones that allow it to continue. When Shakespeare wrote “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players”, you could be forgiven for thinking that he was thinking of football. Your denial is their key to pulling it off. And so it goes on. There are examples too numerous to mention of “in plain sight” corruption, but here’s one anyway.

        WBA (again) 2 Arsenal 3, another final game of the 2012 season. Search for The Telegraph match report & check the YouTube highlights. What GK, at *any* level, punches the ball towards his own net, at 2-2, or at any scoreline? Has crisp packet hands on demand? The stakes? Arsenal had to win to qualify for European football, WBA had nothing to lose. Same conditions for Arsenal again the previous season, this time it was the infamous “dodgy lasagne” v Spurs. Such a strange set of conditions. Coincidence? There are none so blind as those who *will not* see.

        What drives this behaviour? Power! and it corrupts absolutely. Once they’ve tired of the yachts & Ferrari’s they need another buzz – controlling masses of people must be an awesome thing to be involved in. Can you imagine the ego massage of actually manipulating all that energy? Do you think that, in any other business with obscene amount of riches going around, there isn’t any corruption?

        Mate, open your eyes, it’s right there for you to see, if you really want to. They’re toying with you & all the other dupes, milking your time & money. It’s OK to admit you’ve been had. Let it out.

        Because at the end of the day (Clive), it’s a big club. And you’re not in it.

  2. Chris Ronald says:

    They didn’t miss him for this game but as the season progresses they are going to need some variety. Pedro is settling in but still patchy. And you can’t exactly rely on a defender to bang two goals every game. Will be interesting to see where Costa ends up in Feb. I’m guessing still at Chelsea but who knows.

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