Newcastle ruin Alistair Griffin’s career

Ollie Irish

8th, June 2007

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AlistairGriffin.jpgWell they can’t take all the credit because Fame Academy helped, but singer-songwriter Griffin’s tribute to Mark Viduka has been rendered useless by the big Aussie’s move to St James’s Park. Middlesbrough fan Griffin is unlikely to rewrite the words of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah yet again with Magpies-themed lyrics. The line And from our team you can’t take Mark Viduka is clearly even less true than all the ones about Boro playing exciting football!
The biggest backside in football will be holding off defenders at St James’s for the next two years with an option on a third season. The 31-year-old said: “I really wanted to hear what Sam’s plans were for the new season and what players he was looking to bring in. And his answers matched with what I was thinking myself. I want to win things and Newcastle United is a club that has all the ingredients to do that, especially with Sam coming in.”

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1 Comment

  1. Sean says:

    I heard there was a secret ball
    Big Sam dreamed it would beat them all 
But you don’t really play the long ball do ya 
It goes like this the full pitch width
    Milner’s cross and Oba’s flick 
The baffled keeper can’t stop Mark Viduka
    Mark Viduka Mark Viduka 
Mark Viduka Mark Viduka
    Defence, this season, will be sure
    Rid of Bramble and Craig Moore
    Now there’ll be no strikers running through you 
On the pitch from physio’s room 
Are Mickey, Given, Duffer too
    Add Barton, Rosehnal, and Mark Viduka
    Mark Viduka Mark Viduka 
Mark Viduka Mark Viduka
    Did my best it wasn’t much 
Was praying for Barton’s first touch 
To find the golden boot of Mark Viduka 
Then even though it all went wrong
    Come Saturday the special one 
Be shouting to John Terry, ‘Mark Viduka!’
    Mark Viduka Mark Viduka 
Mark Viduka Mark Viduka