Beckham’s still going to LA Galaxy – the inquest begins at Real Madrid

Ollie Irish

11th, June 2007


Becks%20scarf.JPGShove! Ouch! Gulp! That’s the sound of David Beckham ramming the words of his Real Madrid overlords down their throats. His employers have been fawning in their praise of the ex-England skipper following his dramatic return to form in a last ditch attempt to keep him at the Bernabeu. That attempt seems to have failed with LA Galaxy politely reminding the Spanish giants that they had their chance and informing them that Becks does not have a buy-out clause in his contract.
All this has sparked some very public admissions that mistakes had been made in allowing Beckham to leave. Click below to see how the Real Madrid hierarchy have changed their tunes.

President Ramon Calderon
Then he said: “He will be an average cinema actor living in Hollywood. The proof our technical team was right in not considering his continuity has been ratified because no one, with the player having been free, wanted him.
Now he says: “We need to sit down with Beckham, his representatives and with (Real sporting director Predrag) Mijatovic, look at this clause, and decide between us. But for me I would be delighted if he remained at the club.
Manager Fabio Capello
Then he said: “Beckham will train with the team but he won’t play. A player who has such an important contract with another club, we cannot count on him.
Now he says: “Beckham would be a very important player for Madrid, there’s no doubt about that. If the club tells me that Beckham is staying, I would be very happy. We have all made mistakes regarding Beckham’s issue. On the sporting side we have made a decision and I am the one that has the maximum responsibility. The truth is that with Beckham is that we made a mistake. Beckham is a great player. Now he is playing at the same level as he did at Manchester United.

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  1. Łupek says:

    This is exactly the reason I like this guy, despite this stardom nonsense, often dodgy haircuts, and his wife, whose talents are… disputable. He’s done the same thing again, after the boot being kicked at his face by SAF thing, after being sent off in World Cup, he’s WORKED his way out of hard times. Trouble make him work twice as hard during practice. You can see that in his game. Yet again he is on top of his game when neccessary. That’s a thing some wannabe-stars should learn from Becks.

  2. Thom says:

    When are clubs going to realise that form is rarely, if ever, reliant on age? Ferguson could see that with Giggs.

  3. mike says:

    It’s a long line of people both in Madrid and England who were throwing dirt on him last fall and are now kissing his behind. The lesson isn’t that Beckham is a great player and everyone else is stupid. It’s: A) Everyone loves a winner and B) Beckham only seems to perform at this level when he’s up against it.

  4. Clasher says:

    Well, that recent comments from Capello showed us what was the bigest mitake taken in madrid that season. Becks did what he should, worked hard, he knew that even a blind idiot like the italian will finally be in need of a class winger with probably the best delivery off the ball in the world. But hopefuly it ended on Becks.. They’re close to winning the trophy (finally!), he’s going to be greeted as The Hero, everyone will miss him.. oh, and he will earn 250,000,000 $. Not mentioning the national team case (and another blind idiot as manager there).. So, who would like to Becks?