‘Today Is The End Of Our Relationship’ – Dani Alves Confirms Juventus Exit With Honest, Self-Penned Farewell Message

Chris Wright

28th, June 2017



With a move to Man City purported to be in the offing, Dani Alves has confirmed that he has left Juventus after just one largely successful season with the Turin-ians.

The 34-year-old Brazilian posted a heartfelt farewell message on his Instagram account, thanking everybody at Juve for making the last year of his career such an enjoyable one…

Me gustaría agradecer a todos los TIFOSI DE LA JUVENTUS por el año vivido, A LOS COMPAÑEROS POR ACOGERME Y A LOS PROFESIONALES QUE SON, POR ELLOS QUE ESE CLUB GANA Y LLEGA A FINALES. Creo que mi respecto a ese club y su afición fue minha dedicación, mi entrega, mi pasión y todo mi esfuerzo para hacer de ese club, un club más grande cada día. Pido perdón a los aficionados de la Juventus si algún momento pensaron que hice alguna cosa para ofenderles, nunca jamás tuve esa intención, apenas tengo una forma de vivir las cosas espontáneamente QUE pocos lo entienden… aunque parezca no soy perfecto, pero mi corazón es puro. Hoy finaliza nuestra relación profesional y llevaré conmigo todos los que hacen de verdad y de corazón la Juve un grande club. Como saben yo siempre peco por decir lo que pienso y lo que siento…. yo siento que debo decir gracias al señor MAROTA por la oportunidad que te di de tener um grande profesional e alguien que ama su profesión como el que más…. no juego al fútbol por dinero, juego al fútbol porque amo essa profesión y respecto a los que forman parte de ella. Dejare que tu aproveches lo que he trabajado para que tu hagas muchos años de vacaciones. Yo AMO EL FÚTBOL y dinero jamás va me retener en algún lugar. MUCHAS GRACIAS! #TAMOACTIVOPANITA🤙🏾💣🎬

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Here, allow us to translate that for you:

I would like to thank all the Tifosi de la Juventus for the I just lived, to my team-mates who welcomed me like the professionals they are, for a club that wins and reaches finals.

I think that my respect for this club and its supporters was my dedication, my passion and all my effort to make the club bigger every single day.

I apologise to the fans if in some moments they thought I did something to offend them, I never had that intention, I just have a way of doing things spontaneously that few people understand.

Although it seems I am not perfect, my heart is pure.

Today is the end of our professional relationship but I will take with me all of those who truly make Juve a great club.

As you know, I always try to say what  I think and what I feel – I feel I must say thanks to Mr (chief executive Beppe) Marotta for the opportunity I gave you to have a great professional and someone who loves his profession as much anybody else.

I don’t play football for money, I play football because I love this profession and respect those who are part of it.

I leave it up to you to judge what I have done and worked for. I LOVE FOOTBALL and money will never take me to any other place.


How lovely, and even nicer to see that Alves has hand-written the message himself rather than cadging a generic template from his PR bods.

Next stop: The Etihad.

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  1. Will Hung says:

    Just like Pep, this chap will get found out and struggle in the Premier League. Certainly won’t stop those goals leaking in City’s defence

  2. nn4 says:

    Like Ibrahimovic got “found out’ at the grand old age of 35?
    A man who has won 3 Champions League titles and pretty recently reached another final, with 2 Uefa Cups as well to his name is going to get found out..
    I love watching the Prem, but you extremist fans are almost hilariously deluded.

    • Will Hung says:

      nn4 – the point I’m making is the guy is not a very good defender which as a full back/wing back is your main job. No doubt going forward he is decent but in a league where he won’t be at a dominant team like Barcelona and Juve, teams will expose his defensive weakness much more.
      As for the trophies you mention, Jose Bosingwa has a couple of champions leagues to his name as well as 2 FA Cups. I Don’t see anyone hailing him a great player! In fact just ask QPR fans what they think of him…

      • nn4 says:

        Comparing 2 FA Cups, and 2 Champions League trophies (1 not as a starter), with 9 European trophies (behind Maldini), 7 league titles, and 6 domestic cups (achieved in Spain and Italy) simply confirms my statement: deluded. Ask Barcelona, Juventus, and Sevilla fans on your way to QPR fans (no disrespect to them).

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