Official: Dani Alves Signs For PSG After Ligue 1 Side Almost Double Man City’s Salary Offer (Photo & Video)

Chris Wright

12th, July 2017


Photo: @FelleggerAgency/Twitter

While it looked for all the world like he had one foot in the door at Man City just a fortnight ago, Dani Alves has instead signed for PSG today on a two-year deal.

The Ligue 1 side unveiled their latest acquisition at a press conference on Wednesday afternoon, leaving the man himself to start printing his own replica shirts up…

According to quotes being carried by L’Equipe, Alves had this to say for himself:

There was not only interest from Man City but from other English clubs.

I have often said the Premier League intrigues me a lot and there is a very interesting project there, too. I did speak with City officials.

But I have friends here [in Paris] and my wife loves this city. I was a little bit selfish when I went to Juve, I didn’t listen to my wife or friends.

This time, I tried to be less selfish and to please everyone. I believe in happiness – that’s why I made the decision to come here.

If Guardiola feels wronged, I apologise.

The word is that after hearing of City’s interest, PSG chucked an enormous £230,000-a-week contract at Alves – almost twice what City were offering in terms of salary (£120,000).

Given that he’s already 34, you can hardly blame the bloke for being swayed France-wards.

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  1. Brn says:

    I’ve not seen anyone raise this issue, but given that Man City is owned (basically) by Abu Dhabi, and PSG is (basically) owned by Qatar, and given that the UAE and the other GCC states are currently in a rift with Qatar, did that have anything to do with PSG’s sudden interest in this signing?

  2. Will Hung says:

    Guess he realised he would get found out defensively in the Premier League afterall!

  3. martin says:

    @will hung

    Geez. Guess it would have nothing to do with the shit-ton of money, right? No, because the Premier League is the best tactically and defensively. He would surely been found out. It’s not like the easy-peasy Italian league. No, “we’re the best”. Keep the party line, swallow every word. Repeat.

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