Liverpool: Philippe Coutinho Has And Hasn’t Submitted Transfer Request To Force Barcelona Move, Depending Who You Ask…

Chris Wright

11th, August 2017


Depending whose sources you chose to believe, Philippe Coutinho either has or indeed hasn’t handed in a transfer request at Liverpool in order to force through a €100+million transfer to Barcelona.

Things are beginning to get fraught, especially in the wake of Fenway Sports Group’s succinct ‘‘All Offers For Coutinho Will Be Filed Under ‘Bin’‘ statement issued earlier today (Friday).

As of mid-morning, the official stance from Liverpool was still an adamant rebuttal of any and all speculation.

However, skip forward a couple of hours and all that appears to have changed…

Indeed, whispers from anonymous sources inside the club – overheard by ESPN FC’s dedicated Liverpool correspondent Glenn Price – seem to suggest that Coutinho wants out and is prepared to force the issue:

Phillippe Coutinho has submitted a transfer request as he looks to move to Barcelona, a source has told ESPN FC.

From the outside looking in, it seems that Coutinho is reluctant to leave Liverpool in the lurch so abruptly, but he’s also dead-set on seizing his chance to fulfil his dream of playing for Barcelona.

After all, the opportunity might not come up again in the span of a short career. The planets have aligned for him.

Honestly, we can only see this being resolved one way.

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  1. David says:

    I support EVERY club who seeks to enforce the contract they have with their players. Well done Jurgen Klopp and John Henry!
    The FA, UEFA and FIFA have turned a ‘Nelson’ to the goings on in relation to players contracts and the tappings-up. Now is the time to act firmly and sort this matter out. Real Madrid & Barcelona stand by. You have not a divine right to recruit any player who shows promise!

    • Anonymous says:

      Ehh??… IF Coutinho goes it will be because the offer was too good for Liverpool to turn down (just like with Suarez and Torres and Sterling). Coutinho has not gone on strike or gone awol, so he is not in breach of contract by requesting to be allowed out of it if the club agree to sell. PC wanting to step up a level at Barca is not different than Clyne and Lovren and Lambert and Lallana and VVD wanting to step up a level at Liverpool. It’s not “divine right” it’s simply being top of the food chain. Barca and Madrid are the two biggest names in the game (especially for South Americans), they take from Liverpool, Liverpool take from Southampton, Southampton take from Celtic. Every player has a level, every player has a price and no player in his right mind is going to say no to winning trophies at the Big Two every year if they were one of the few who got the chance.

  2. Beano says:

    Coutinho isn’t worth 100 Million, not even in this crazy inflated transfer market

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