Obsessed: Some Liverpool Fans Are Conducting Forensic-Level Private Investigations Into Virgil Van Dijk Transfer Rumours

Chris Wright

29th, August 2017


With this current transfer season proving sillier than ever, it’s perhaps understandable that some football fans have been driven to the very edge of lunacy by the constant whirling maelstrom of bullshit.

Indeed, it would appear that a handful of Liverpool fans – though they are far from alone in their endeavours – have been pouring hundreds of man-hours into conducting their own private investigations into the club’s ongoing pursuit of Virgil van Dijk.

In an effort to keep tabs on the machinations of the deal, these fans have spent hours scouring the internet in the name of research and reconnaissance, desperately trying to piece together fragments of speculation into something resembling solid evidence of Van Dijk’s imminent arrival.

Utterly bemused, noted football scribes Andy Ha and Nooruddean Choudry collated some of the tweets, demonstrating the maddening depths that these people will go to in the name of – well, we really don’t know what it’s all in the name of.

Just hark at this lot…

Scouring Youtube for registration numbers, tracking international flight details, perusing private jet interior specs and seating plans? Madness. Obsession.

The way we see it, this all comes close to constituting a very mild form of mental illness.

Passion for an exciting aspect of the game is one thing, but there really is such a thing as being too invested in football.

Go outside, smell a dog, take your flowers for a walk…

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  1. Bruno says:

    haha this is great. I actually feel sorry for Arsenal & Liverpool fans.

  2. Rob says:

    I saw a van deliver several packets of pickled onion flavoured Monster munch to the private plane, the same flavour Monster munch that they serve at the Southampton Waitrose!!!!!!

  3. syndex says:

    Please Barca buy him just for the giggle

  4. PetrovskyKSC says:

    Hmmm smelling dogs is one major craic man! What could be better than being on that exact plane packed with a few dozens of wet st bernards en route to liverpool. No love for flowers though

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