The 14-Second Man: Adrien Silva Trains With Leicester City For First Time, Chooses Very Apt Squad Number (Photos)

Chris Wright

13th, October 2017


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While still unable to represent his new club until January, the good news is that Adrien Silva has been cleared to start training with the rest of the Leicester City squad.

The Portuguese midfielder joined the Foxes from Sporting Lisbon on transfer deadline day but, despite being afforded a two-hour extension, the buying club still managed to overshoot the deadline for his registration by 14 seconds.

That left Silva in a state of limbo, unable to play for his new club or return from whence he came. Leicester then submitted an appeal to FIFA to allow the £22million transfer to go through on compassionate grounds, only to see it rebuffed by the governing body.

So, while Leicester prepare to take their case to the Court of Aribtration for Sport, FIFA have relaxed their stance ever so slightly by allowing Silva to at least train with his new side.

Whether or not it’s a deliberate thumb-of-the-nose is debatable, but it certainly looks like Leicester have plied their latest recruit with a rather pithy squad number…

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Ho, ho, ho. What they did there, we see it.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    officially the transfer window is open from Jul 1 to Aug 31 (lets pretend clubs, agents and players arent all negotiating behind closed doors all year round) + a couple of hours extra for paperwork, and you STILL can’t get a deal done?!?! utterly astonishing incompetence from a barrel of retards. here’s an idea – any club that misses the transfer deadline, be it 14 seconds or 14 minutes, gets docked 6 points automatically. watch how fast clubs get deals done with not so much as a dot missing from an ‘i’ anywhere on the contract way before midnight if not way before deadline day.

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