Peter Crouch is off to Spain

Ollie Irish

25th, June 2007

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petercrouchsun.jpgLiverpool and England striker Peter Crouch could follow Thierry Henry to Spain if Atletico Madrid get their way. The Spanish outfit want to bring Crouch to La Liga as part of any deal that takes Fernando Torres to Anfield. The Daily Star reports that Real’s city rivals would love the lump the ball up to the 6ft 7in striker.
Most players sign boot deals, but if this transfer goes through I imagine the world’s top suntan lotion brands will be vying for Crouch’s signature. It wouldn’t be long before his skin had the same red and white contrast as Atletico’s shirt!

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1 Comment

  1. Emma says:

    I certainly hope so. Crouchie is my favourite football and he is far too underused and underappreciated at Liverpool. Atletico Madrid sounds like a good chance for him to show the world how world class and wonderful he is.