‘You Left Like A Thief In The Night’ – Mario Balotelli Breaks OGC Nice Ultras’ Tender Little Hearts After Failing To Report For Pre-Season

Chris Wright

6th, July 2018


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The massive, massive drama queens at OGC Nice’s biggest supporters group have voiced their grand, all-consuming ire at feeling “betrayed” by Mario Balotelli.

The Italian striker failed to report for pre-season training earlier this week with a transfer to Marseille said to be in the offing.

Balotelli is technically a free agent after his Nice contract expired on July 1st, but for some reason the Populaire Sud Nice fan clan decided that he should have felt obliged to join up with Patrick Vieira for his first session as Les Aiglons’ new coach.

In a statement, the Populaire Sud Nice ultra group said (via ESPNFC):

First of all, we want to remind Mario that we welcomed him to Nice as a child of the city and the club, that he has been loved, hailed and supported like nowhere else and without doubt more than ever since the start of his career.

We totally accept that support and are therefore all the more disappointed, and we feel betrayed that he behaves this way towards a club and fans who have respected him and helped relaunch him.

In conclusion, Mario, when you are summoned for preseason, even if you know that perhaps you won’t stay, you turn up on time and say goodbye politely.

Instead of stealing away like a thief in the night.

You have got it all wrong, Mario.

Oh, grow up you insufferable pillocks.

If only we could harness the self-entitlement that radiates from these confounded ultras groups, we could use it to keep floodlights on at football stadiums the world over.