‘I Want To Show That I’m Different’ – Cristiano Ronaldo Hopes Juventus Move Will Prove Players Over 30 Don’t Have To Start Winding Down

Chris Wright

16th, July 2018


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Having officially started his new job at Juventus today, Cristiano Ronaldo reported in at the Allianz Stadium for his pre-season medical and a maiden appearance in front of the Italian press.

Addressing the assembled media, Ronaldo revealed that his decision to move to Turin was partly motivated by his desire to prove he’s still fuel left in the tank at the monstrously old age of 33.

In fact, the Portuguese forward positioned himself as a beacon of hope for all fellow professional footballers who fear being put out to pasture once they find themselves the wrong side of the big three-oh.

I’m different from all the other players who think their career is over at my age. I want to show that I’m not like the others, I’m different.

I want to be an example, not just as a player but as a man. I want to work hard, I want to help the youngsters. I won’t change, I’ll be myself.

Players of my age usually go to other countries (China, MLS, etc), with all due respect. At this point in my career playing for such a big club makes me happy, so I thank Juve for the great opportunity they gave me here.

I think this is a great moment in my career, I’ll be focused and I hope to make the fans very happy and work to win new trophies.

I’m in good shape physically, emotionally and mentally and I’m so proud to be here.

Honestly, Ronaldo may not be the most representative advocate for mature footballers. After all, there aren’t many 33-year-old’s who still command €100million transfer fees.

In contrast, Wayne Rooney is a full year younger and he just made his debut for the team bottom of the MLS Eastern Conference table after being cut adrift by Everton at the end of last season.

Anyway, toward the end of his presser, Ronaldo was formally presented with his new work uniform, which he defied his decrepit arthritic joints to hold aloft…

What a trooper.

If he keeps doing his chair exercises and taking his cod liver oil there’s every possibility Cristiano could play on into a second season at Juve.

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  1. smrc says:

    Actually Rooney is only about 8 months younger, not a full year.

  2. Weng OUT says:

    05/02/1985 : CR7
    24/10/1985 : Rooney
    Rooney is 8 months, 2 weeks and 5 days (i.e. about a year) younger according to wikipedia but he probably won’t be worth as much as CR7 when he turns 33
    Rooney made his premier league debut earlier anyway, so he’s the true hero to me

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