Reports: Aaron Ramsey Signs Juventus Pre-Contract, Staggering £400,000-A-Week Wages See Him Become Highest-Paid British Footballer In World

Chris Wright

11th, February 2019


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Aaron Ramsey may well have hit the jackpot with his impending free transfer to Juventus if the latest reports over the size of his contractual agreement are to believed.

An update on the precise terms of Ramsey’s pre-contract agreement with Juve comes via David Ornstein, BBC Sport’s infallible font of all things Arsenal.

Ornstein reports that the deal, signed in January, will ensure the Welsh midfielder becomes the highest-paid British player of all time with weekly wages of “over £400,000-a-week”.

Christ, we knew it was big, but £400,000 a week? That’s approaching lunacy for a 28-year-old on a four-year contract. Ramsey has suddenly rocketed from a bargain(ish) freebie to a concerted risk of a signing.

It was thought that Gareth Bale would remain the highest-paid Briton in world football (£350,000-a-week at Real Madrid) but Ramsey’s new deal catapults him beyond his fellow countryman.

To put the numbers in some kind of perspective – which is fairly difficult – Cristiano Ronaldo currently earns somewhere in the vicinity of £535,000 every seven days at the Bianconeri in basic wages.

The next highest earner on the list is Paulo Dybala, who is purported to earn approximately £120,000 per week.

Ramsey’s a bloody good player, but that is insanity.

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  1. Bruno says:

    Wow! I didn’t know Juventus had that financial power (Ronaldo being the exception). Pogba earns £290 per week, according to TotalSportek.
    Suarez £290, Kroos £200, Modric £180, Isco £120… It’s crazy to give £400 to Ramsey.

  2. Bruno says:

    Actually he will become the 4th highest paid player in the WORLD, behind Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar.


  3. Andrew says:


  4. Al Gorilla says:

    Other, more logical reports (e.g Di Marzio) suggest the figures are actually €7m per year after tax. That’s around £120,000 per week. 43% tax rate implies Juve will spend around €10m per year for his basic, which is a much more acceptable figure. This, of course, doesn’t include his bonuses and signing-on-fees.

    Simple logic will dictate there is no possible way a club like Juventus will pay £400kpw on Ramsey after spending so much on Cristiano Ronaldo.

  5. Straight Dave says:

    I try my best to suppress a chuckle at every mention of the word ‘earn’. How could anyone possibly ‘earn’ that, I mean honestly.

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