Arsenal to swoop for Argentine Rodrigo Palacio


16th, July 2007


Palacio%2C%20rodrigo.JPGArsene Wenger has been mesmerised by pendulum-like rat-tail Horror Hair of Argentinian striker Rodrigo Palacio and is preparing to make a £15 million move for him. The 25-year-old had been linked with a transfer to Barcelona, but they have since purchased a little-known striker by the name of Thierry Henry.
Wenger is happy to blow the bulk of his income from the Henry sale – and break Arsenal’s transfer record – on bringing Palacio to the Emirates. Pies scouting records on Palacio – which we wouldn’t mind passing to Mr Wenger for a small fee – include this offside tap-in from the Copa Libertadores Final and the time goalkeeper Gaston Sessa tried to remove Palacio’s rat-tail (and eyes) with his studs.

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  1. mythbuster says:

    A fake Boca Juniors blog posting + gullible and lazy reporters = Palacio hoax. Unfortunately the rat tail is real.

  2. dave says:

    your mum smells

  3. arsenal fan says:

    i really hope arsenal sign this guy he has a lot of potential and could become a gunner legend

  4. wawelu Godfrey Shalot says:

    Arsenal really needs more strikers and it will do them good if their manager signs this cool Dude.He had many injury problems with his strikers last season and he could avoid that hell(INJURIES)by having more strikers on his team.

  5. arsenalattict135 says:

    Thank god….maybe we’ll finally buy a star

  6. Tola lawal says:

    I beleive Arsenal will come back stronger next season, but we should learn from our mistakes. Last season, our main hitmen ( Henry & Van Persie ) were injured but the ones left (Baptista & Aliadiere) were mis-firing.
    This time, I would like for us to go for proven finishers as every match we win will bring the Trophies closer and closer.

  7. Jonathan says:

    I really do hope arsenal sign him. I am a fan, and personally would love to see a star at the emirates because we haven’t since Thierry Henry. Palacio is a well known name and will do the team proud if signed. I also agree that arsenal is lacking striker talent and therefore are writing this down. PS: Liverpool suck!!!!!!!