The James Rodriguez rumour is not funny

Ollie Irish

25th, March 2021


Twitter lads – the sort who go on about ratios and love to bleat shit like “unpopular opinion: blah blah blah” are very pleased with themselves over the rumour that James Rodriguez has been missing from Everton action not because he’s injured – as he so often is – but because he is transitioning from male to female.


Football discussion on Twitter is often depressing, but this ‘story’, which is being shared widely (and with an accompanying explicit fake image) by BANTER MERCHANTS, is in poor taste and makes a lot of people feel uncomfortable. Also, it’s utter bullshit, obviously – although “They’ve chopped his dick off lad” is a rather poetic way to end the wind-up.

Worst of all, there’s nothing funny about it – no, lads, mocking up a photo of James as a hot woman is not funny – and no amount of crying-with-laughter emojis will make me think otherwise.