David Beckham has ankle injury, may not make LA Galaxy debut v Chelsea


17th, July 2007


75439805.jpgFrom sublime hype to ridiculous and predictable reality. Yes, Becks LA Galaxy debut, set to be against Chelsea this Saturday, is in doubt due to a swollen ankle. Amazing what £250m will buy you these days.
Galaxy head coach Frank Yallop said of Beckham: ‘He’s not done too much the last two days. His ankle is quite swollen but we hope it recovers quickly and he can have some part in Saturday’s game.’
Despite a weekend of massage and treatment, Beckham could not take a full part in the Galaxy’s open training session at the Home Depot Center yesterday. Perhaps he’s afraid to play against the Chelsea boys, some of whom have reportedly been texting him with messages along the lines of ‘We’re gonna sort you Becks!’

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  1. Adam says:

    I guess that was inevitable

  2. Anonymous says:

    Beckham is a glory boy, when the goings not good, Beck’s decides to complain and roll over. Beckham is fully aware that his retirement plan may be put to knife edge under proper competition. RUN BECKHAM RUN!