Marlon Harewood signed by Aston Villa. Whoopy-do


17th, July 2007


400.jpgOne average Prem club sells average Prem striker to another Prem club. Hmm, it’s not the sort of news to make my day. I can’t imagine that Villa fans are even that excited about the prospect of Harewood – who, let’s face it, is not that good – arriving at Villa Park. He always seems to put in a lot of effort, and does occasionally find the net, but so what?
If you are excited by this transfer, raise your hand, or leave a comment, if you can be bothered.

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  1. nicko says:

    is it just me or does he bare a striking resemblance to Homer Simpson?

  2. highspire says:

    what was the fee? whatever it was, it most likely was too much. though maybe (big maybe) playing on a squad with an actual midfield to get him chances may help him out some.

  3. Kipp says:

    1.5 mill some report, but 16 goals when west ham were on form, thats good going, everyone was raving over doyles first season tally

  4. Chringle says:

    Seen him play at Forest, he is a moron.
    We had to unfurl a huge banner saying ‘STOP MARLON STOP’ to keep him from running clean off the pitch and into the stands.
    His biggest problem is that he is very stupid.

  5. Soheil E says:

    “His biggest problem is that he is very stupid.”
    But isn’t that a general characteristic of footballers? The only clever decision I’ve ever seen a footballer take was Espen Bardsen’s decision to hang up his boots and cut all ties with this moronic crowd…

  6. german villan says:

    Lets give him a chance for goodness sake!
    He has an average of 1 goal every 3 games! Thats not bad at all!
    Lets face it, under the West Ham management last year, even Macherano and Tevez looked below average for 3/4 of the season!
    I think you doubters will have to eat your words come the end of the season!