MSV Duisburg sign fat Brazilian plus team of zebras


17th, July 2007


German side MSV Duisburg have signed some fat Brazilian dud(e) called Ailton (seriously, he’s a little chunky, don’t you think?). It also seems they have signed a team of psychedelic zebras – at least, that’s the only logical explanation I could find for this wonderfully strange photo. [Photo: Getty Images]

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  1. whitebuildings says:

    Ailton used to be quite a highly rated prospect didn’t he? I think that you’ve answered your own question here by the way, cleary Ailton ate all the pies.

  2. Jay says:

    You can find the answer on wikipedia from where I got the following:
    “he is only the third foreign player to have scored more than 100 goals in the German Bundesliga”
    I remember seing him when he played for Werder Bremen then he disappeared.
    He has a “wide bone” complexion and he looked fat even when he was in top shape but he has definitely been eating too many pies lately.

  3. max- says:

    apparently he has ” some catching up to do” on fintess terms, which is no surprise really,..
    every club he played at after werder bremen he was a hughe failure
    the zebras is cos thats the nickname of duisburg due to their blue and white hoops