Homeless World Cup to kick-off in Copenhagen


19th, July 2007

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Ruedi_128x128.jpg“Mmm, cardboard boxes for goal posts, isn’t it?” as the Fast Show’s Ron Manager might say. The build-up to the 2007 Homeless World Cup is in full swing ahead of the tournament getting under way next week. The competition will see homeless people from 48 countries travel to Copenhagen to take part in the annual street football event. The aim is to raise the profile of homelessness and poverty around the world, and help players to turn their lives around.

The competition is being supported by Didier Drogba (no wonder he wants more money, this guy is turning into a flaming superhero!). He said: “The Homeless World Cup is an event that can change the life of anyone, not simply to help them become a professional footballer, but so that they can become a man, in everyday life, developing values, human values, which I think are very important. Become a fan. I am.” Click here to find out more about the tournament.
Some big-name/bad taste players Pies would like to see in action:
Joseph Hobo (Everton and Nigeria)
Phil Tramp (Darlington)
Bum Kim (South Korea)
Ji-Sung Parkbench (Manchester United and South Korea)
Stephen Pariah (Fenerbahce and Ghana)

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1 Comment

  1. Stephen Pariah says:

    I’m up for playing some football but i’m not yet homeless, sorry.