Portugal U20 player grabs red card from ref. Doh


19th, July 2007


A few of Portugal’s U-20 squad react, how can I put this, like spoilt kids, in the dying minutes of their 1-0 loss to tournament favourites Chile in the U-20 World Cup, currently taking place in Canada (Czech Republic will play the winners of Chile vs Argentina in the final, by the way).

Here’s a handy tip for all young players: it’s generally a very bad idea to snatch the red card out of the ref’s hand as he’s trying to send off your team-mate – unless you want said ref to grab it straight back and shove it in your face too.
[Spotted on Left Back]
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  1. YArEq says:

    Did the guy hand the red card back to the ref? Or maybe the ref had another red card in his pocket?

  2. Chringle says:

    Is it me or are all footballers little bitches these days?

  3. H. Pedro says:

    As Portuguese I’m embarrassed by these spoiled brats. They don’t deserve to win a single game. Probably that’s way we never won anything important and most likely never will.