Fan power: 50,000 ordinary fans to buy a club


23rd, July 2007


MyFootballClub.JPGNo, it is not the latest online feature the Football Manager series: this is real life. Fifty thousand football fans will soon be bidding for a lower league English team. The scheme has been dreamt up by Fulham fan Will Brooks. His site – – encourages fans to donate £35 in exchange for a stake in first-team affairs at the new club. More than 47,000 people have already pledged their money, and Brooks is just waiting for that figure to hit 50,000 before beginning takeover talks with any club.
If you thought Hearts players had it bad under Vladimir Romanov, players at whichever outfit MyFootballClub turns out to be will have 50,000 owners each voting on team selection. In fact, fans can even vote on which club they would like to takeover. Leeds United are currently leading the way, with Nottingham Forest and Cambridge United also popular choices.

Brooks said: “If you have 50,000 people voting on a transfer, chances are the aggregate decision will be a good one. Every club has always done it one way. Why not have one club trying a different way, and we’ll see how it goes.”
He added: “We’ve already had owners of Conference and Division Two clubs contacting us to say they may be interested in selling. We can’t say who yet, but for some owners we represent the chance for an ‘elegant exit’.” By the time the signatures reach 50,000, he will have a £1.4 million purchase fund to play with.
Any Pies fans own a stake?

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  1. Dom says:

    I registered but they dont ask for any money until all 50 000 have signed up so it might take a while to squeeze all those £35’s out of people!

  2. weenie says:

    That’s right, no money has exchanged hands yet but the request will be imminent! I can’t wait to see which club will be purchased! We all get a chance to vote again so it definitely won’t be Leeds United!

  3. Jon says:

    I haven’t got £35 to my name. How terribly depressing.

  4. I’m not sure whether to pay them their money when they request it, I don’t really like the £7.50 admin fee or whatever the amount is that they are charging us. 50,000 x £7.50 = £375,000.
    Would rather see that money going in to the club, not someones pocket.

  5. Pat says:

    I signed up for this ages ago. I didn’t actually expect them to reach 50000.. Still a few months until my loan comes through too.

  6. Col says:

    Get Accy Stanley bought! How cares about Leeds? :-)

  7. I’ve signed up. I’m actually hoping to learn a little more about Association football through this project.
    I kind of hope we get a conference club, so that we can all celebrate when it gets back into the League.

  8. Dom says:

    Col and I have been in for a while. Mostly because we wanted to buy Accy Stanley. Mad? We most probably are.

  9. weenie says:

    I voted for Accrington Stanley when I first joined up but when it comes to voting again, think I’ll go for a Conference club. I wonder if they will narrow the list down, otherwise the vote will be spread far and wide?

  10. Dave Lee says:

    Hands off Cambridge. People think Conference/lower league clubs are just happy to roll over and die because it’s “oh so depressing” being that far down the league.
    Rubbish. The CFU (Cambridge Fans United) have been struggling for years to bring control of Cambridge to the fans — for some money grabbers to come along and ruin all that is just scandalous.

  11. Fenris says:

    Not a chance at getting Leeds United for that sort of money anyhow. It’d take probably twenty times the money available, mind it would still be a good deal for the buyer if he has investment.
    Anyhow, bit amusing project this, if nothing else. A poorly supporter Conference team would seem a reasonable target. I’m not sure I understand the voting system though, fair enough voting on a transfer but team selection? Jesus.

  12. weenie says:

    I won’t be voting for Cambridge but I have a couple of mates down south who will be.
    As for money-grabbing, I know for a fact that there’s no money to be made from this venture – it’s not that kind of investment!
    I can envisage there being opposition from fans against any takeover, but will they ultimately turn their noses up at £1million to spend?
    Hardly in the Abramovich stakes but would help a small team grow.