West Ham sign Freddie Ljungberg. Does Alan Curbishley know what he’s doing?


23rd, July 2007


73626146.jpgWell I didn’t see this one coming… I thought Freddie was supposed to go to Fiorentina, but the Hammers have reportedly secured his services and will announce him as a West Ham player at a press conference later today.
Hmm, I’m beginning to wonder about Curbs and his managerial instincts. If Rafa Benitez couldn’t get the best from Craig Bellamy, I’m confident that Curbishley can’t either. And at 30 and with a string of recent injuries on his CV, Ljungberg is definitely past his best; plus, I’m sure West Ham will have to pay him a significant weekly wage, when they could have looked at younger, significantly cheaper options. Fred’s experience is a bonus, for sure, but how many games will the Hammers get out of him?

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  1. Chringle says:

    I think, at 3 million, it’s not too much of a risk for The Hammers and he has proven that he is capable of being a top player. Granted that was a couple of seasons back but he hasn’t exactly had the chance to get back to that standard. Put it this way, he’s better than Lee Bowyer.

  2. joe says:

    Ljungberg is a whining sack of shit but I think it’s a good move by West Ham. He is certainly good enough to claim a spot in West Ham’s starting midfield. It’s not the worst 3mil spent by West Ham recently, for sure.