Sven to bring Nery Castillo to Manchester City


24th, July 2007


Castillomono.JPGSven Goran Eriksson is set to bring another new striker to Manchester City. I know that many Pies fans would love us to be able to reveal that the Swede’s dream partnership is Rolando Bianchi and Emile Heskey, but alas Sven’s love affair with clumsy Emile seems to be over. No, this does actually seem to be a pretty shrewd purchase, which leads us to believe Sven had little or nothing to do with it!
City have agreed a £10 million fee with Olympiakos for in-form Mexican striker Nery Castillo. Despite looking like a monobrowed baby , Castillo was on fire (not literally) during the recent Copa America. This led Pies to suggest that one of Europe’s big boys could be tempted to make a move, but it looks like he will have to settle for Man City instead!

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  1. Ollie, Pies Ed. says:

    Hmm, may be on fire in Copa America, but he’ll be wearing gloves by October and sulking, mark my words – i just don’t think Mexicans are suited at all to the Prem.

  2. Allen says:

    Will he adept, well “not adapt”, to England the way Borgetti did? The kids got talent but this is a big jump.

  3. george says:

    He’s played in Greece since he was 16 and was raised in Uruguay. Not really that Mexican

  4. Rob P says:

    Born there and plays for them. We’re not going to start calling him Greece-based, Uruguayan-raised striker Nery Castillo. Mexican will do just fine!

  5. T.M. says:

    Nery’s efforts against Brazil, and the like, won’t soon be forgotten. Sanchez finally brought him into the National side for the Gold Cup final against the US, and despite the loss, Castillo was the best player on the field. As soon as the Copa began, Nery asserted himself, and continue to do so. Many will be surprised; at least those haven’t seen him perform.
    With Bianchi, Geovanni, and Nery Castillo, it’s a bit of a different City side, isn’t it?

  6. miguel says:

    This kid can play in ANY LEAGUE!! have u seen him play for olimpiakos? did u see what he did in copa america.. He can play for any team.. Castillo is destined to play in the best teams. Hes got a whole lot of talent!!!!

  7. Fa sho says:

    Yo diz dawg need to retire fo real ya heard…..? He’s 23 but hes too good of a player yall niggas iz trippin castillo need to be president of FIFA n stop playing soccer fa sho

  8. kat says:

    He’s mexican, whoever says he’s not is just jealous.
    And it seems like he won’t be playing in England afterall, but this guy can play and shine anywhere.
    La rompe donde sea ;)