Romanian side have a more relaxing pre-season than most


26th, July 2007


FootballMonk360.jpgWhile most clubs have their players running around the training ground until they’ve hurled up the last of those holiday excesses, Romanian outfit Cetatea Targu went for a more laidback approach. The players spent 10 days in a monastery. Club officials took the players into the mountain monastery six miles from the nearest village in the hope that the team would be ‘close to God’ for the new season.
The squad lived in complete silence for the duration of their stay, apart from the odd blast of religious music. Goalkeeper Vlad Condur said: “At first I couldn’t believe we were going to have a training camp at the monastery. We were very shocked by the total quietness we found in our rooms. It is something we are not used to but I think it’s going to be great for our training.”

A priest at the monastery said: “I hope other teams will follow after they’ll realise the advantages of such a physical and spiritual training camp. Since they’re here maybe the footballers will come visit the church and pray for their health or to have a good championship next season.”
Pies was going to suggest that Alan Curbishley take him up on the offer, but the number of potential court cases doesn’t bear thinking about! [Via 4TheGame]

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  1. nicosian says:

    love the blog, but learn to spell for crissakes: monastery.

  2. Conbo says:

    Have any of them ever played for Wigan? They’d be used to the quiet then!