Asian Cup flop Socceroos good enough to moan for England


1st, August 2007


Vince%27s%20list.jpgThroughout the recent Asian Cup, Pies feared for Australia as they seemed to be heading down a dangerous road that England had gone down last summer. The Socceroos implemented The Masterplan (© Beckham, Lampard, Gerrard, A. Cole) of telling every man and his dog just how good they were before the tournament, not delivering on the arrogant promises on the pitch and crashing out trophy-less.
Book deals are harder to come by when you are not playing in the Prem, but Aussie moaner Vince Grella has shown his determination to finish the job off with the kind of five-year-old girl whining that England’s finest would normally commit to print. He said: “They all had a bad attitude. I’ve written the names of Oman, Iraq, Thailand and Japan down. And I’ll be tying that note to my little finger, so it will be payback time when we meet again (artist’s impression above!).”

He stopped briefly to dab his eyes with a hankie, before he added: “I don’t know what they had against Australia but it was a joke. When Iraq scored against us they were jumping around like kangaroos – that’s taking the piss. Oman scored a goal, then they go and celebrate in front of the Green and Gold army … that’s taking the piss. Then Japan called us a bunch of wrestlers before the game.
“They were winding us up and, as an honourable nation, their people should be ashamed of the conduct of the national team. They drove me insane with their remarks, I’d want to kill them before the game even starts. The way they acted wasn’t in the spirit of football. We have players in the best leagues in the world and I don’t even know the names of half their team.” [Via The Fiver]

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  1. Chiboys says:

    I’m an Aussie and i’m not happy that we came off as arseholes throughout this whole competition. We thought we were better than the rest of them but what we forget is we have spent most of our time facing teams like New Zealand and the freakin’ Solomon Islands.
    We proved that yes, we underestimated Asia and yes, some of the players and staff are ignorant people. It’s a shame… then Grella does this. Does he even know how much of a twat he looks?

  2. Anonymous says:

    grella’s a muppet hopefully he’ll retire soon

  3. chris says:

    what a pathetic article, who even wrote this. Has the “author” even seen any of the Asia cup. Jeez after Grella’s comments fools have been lining up to jump on the ban-wagon and make the knee-jerk assumption that Grella made his comments just because we didnt win.
    Who ever wrote this has no idea of the facts. Before the tournament Grella was saying how tough it would likely be, he wasnt going around saying how easy things would be. The fact is, that anyone who watched the Asian Cup objectively, particularily the games featuring Australia, would notice how much discracefull diving, cheating and dishoner there was in this tournament. Encouraged at times by the referee.
    Diving and cheating and time wasting are blights on the game and make a mockery of fair play. When we played against Oman and they were winning, 10 times there players went off on a strethcher only to srpint straight back on. There were cheats, who had bareky been touched rolling around like they were shot in every one of Australias games, trying to get the ref onside. It needs to be booted out, but in the Asian cup it happened at a level to make me physically sick. And no that not why we didnt we. We played like crap, and Grella has admitted that.

  4. Phantom Pain says:

    Boo hoo

  5. David says:

    Chris, you talk about cheating and dishonour in the tournament as if it was mainly from the opposition, when in fact you have Harry Kewell diving at almost every opportunity to try to obtain a free kick. Don’t crap on about diving from other teams when people like you can’t even admit let alone condemn players from your own team who are also guilty for committing the same crime. And remember, a dive doesn’t necessarily have to be exaggerated to the point of rolling on the ground, it only takes a simple cheap little fall to make it look like a foul. I said this because this is what Kewell did every time he had the ball.
    And judging from how Grella spoke, he deflected Australia’s shortcomings against the opposition’s gamesmanship and barely even acknowledged his own pitiful performance let alone the rest of team. No matter how ridiculous it was when the opposition committed to blatant play-acting the fact of the matter is Australia were still overwhelmed against almost whoever they were playing. And it’s disingenuous to say “we have all these players who play in the best leagues in the world” when they can’t even beat “a bunch of nobodies”.