How did Leroy Lita really injure himself?

Ollie Irish

8th, August 2007


Litainjury.jpgReading striker Leroy Lita will miss the start of the Premier League season after apparently injuring himself by stretching in bed. The 22-year-old claims he sustained the nerve problem by enjoying a nice stretch when he woke up. Pull the other one, Leroy (that’s an incredulous outbust rather than my suggestion of how he injured himself, I think!).
His boss Steve Coppell seems as doubtful as us that the injury was picked up as innocently as Lita reckons. He said: “Leroy is in a great deal of pain. It’s a point of laughter but a serious business for him because he’s going to be out for three or four weeks.”
Come on then, Pies fans. Let’s hear your theories. The truth is out there.

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  1. mof gimmers says:

    The same Lita who was ‘treated’ to a lapdance from BB8s Charley Uchea? With that in mind, I think his injury may well derive from beating his own face against a brick wall…

  2. mike says:

    Actually there is a little-known form of epilepsy that can occur when stretching after a doze. It brings on short seizures with temporary loss of consciousness – you could seriously hurt yourself during one of these episodes and not feel a thing until the seizure passes.

  3. pradajames says:

    Restless leg syndrome?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I heard when he dumped his Gf her dad came round and sorted him proper… no truth in them rumours ,but if it was was ,you know he would never lose it :P

  5. Jay Gallardo says:

    er…it might be down 2some late night/early morning action wiv a certain BB chic. We all know how much Leroy likes BB. Put the camera away lol.