Manchester City want Antonio Cassano – here comes trouble?


9th, August 2007


20061031102656.jpgEver heard of Antonio Cassano? He’s like Italy’s answer to Craig Bellamy – cool finisher with a hot head and an overrated opinion of himself who regularly falls out with teammates and managers alike.
Well, his career continues to mirror the mardy faced Welshman as he looks like leaving a European giant for a smaller club with big money and a new manager. Rumours are that Sven it trying to bring Italy’s enfant terrible from Real Madrid to Man City – although for an initial fee of around £2m, he looks better value.
If he does arrive he’ll be one of several managers attempting to tame a tainted genius this season – there’s Bellamy at West Ham and Barton at Newcastle for starters.
Can they be controlled or are they bad boys for life?

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  1. Bezzo says:

    We ain’t, go-in nowhere, we ain’t, goin nowhere
    We can’t be stopped now, cause it’s Bad Boys for life!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Remember him crying when italy got knocked out on goal difference in euro 2004 (i think). Ha ha! He went from ecstatic cos he’d scored the winner then the other scores came through & he was crying like a girl. This amuses me.

  3. Andrew II says:

    The difference between Cassano and Bellamy is that Cassano is actually good.

  4. Col says:

    That picture proves Andrew II’s comment.

  5. Joe says:

    ‘Barton’ ‘Genius’ HAH!

  6. Jimmay says:


  7. rile says:

    cassano is great player and he will prove that this season! amo la cassanate! serbia is with you!!!