Portsmouth ready to sell David Nugent – is he really that bad?


29th, August 2007


75447801.jpg‘Arry Redknapp is renowned for his wheelin’ and dealin’ skills but even a master sometimes makes mistakes like, ‘buying the first one you see before the end of season sales arrive.’
That’s the situation Portsmouth appear to be in after admitting they could sell David Nugent just a month after signing him – and even his goal in last night’s Carling Cup match against Leeds might not make a difference.
Nugent had plenty of suitors during the summer including Derby, Sunderland and his boyhood idols, Everton, but Redknapp persuaded him down south – before he realized who else would be available.
Apparently Redknapp wants either Nicolas Anelka or Jermaine Defoe, and is prepared to cut short Nugent’s Pompey career to get his man.
Is Nugent really that bad or is this just the cutthroat reality of the Premier League?

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  1. ms83 says:

    Nugent is one of the most talented British strikers this century…of that I have no doubt. His performances for Preston, even against Premier League teams, were amazing and he will succeed in the Premiership if given the chance. I just think Redknapp will be proved a fool for even considering this – there’s a reason why so many teams wanted Nugent last season!

  2. OmegaSupreme says:

    He’s just a fat franny jeffers :), on the other hand he could be quite good. Redknapp looked like a dodgy car salesman trying to offload an old banger on the tv last night. To be fair though the boy needs more games.