Meet the pub team with Kaka, Ronaldinho, Cannavaro, Thierry Henry and Steven Gerrard in their line-up…


25th, September 2007


shapeimage_1.jpgGreat story this. The players of Lynam Athletic, who play in the Birmingham Coronation League Alliance Division 3 – and last season finished bottom – have all changed their names to those of world stars, and it seems to be having a positive effect. It’s the brainchild of player-manager Cafu (aka Dan Branch, 29), dreamed up over a pint in their local pub, inevitably:
‘We hope that the name change will give us a bit of inspiration to go on and improve this season and so far we haven’t done too badly,’ said Cafu/Branch.
Other stars in Lynam’s squad include Petr Cech, Fabio Cannavaro, Stevie G, Kaka and Ronaldinho. Their strikers are Ruud van Nistelrooy and Thierry Henry. Not a bad line-up, eh?
This begs the question: if you could change your name by deed poll to that of any world football superstar, and have his name on the back of your shirt, who would it be? I think I’d go for Gennaro Gattuso, just ’cause I like his terrier-like qualities. Who would you go for?

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  1. mof gimmers says:

    It would have to be Socrates for me. No question. It would allow me to smoke 20 fags a day and grow my beard even more. Not to mention some ball ripping shorts and a head band as well.

  2. Ollie, Pies Ed. says:

    Can’t argue with that Mof – if you’re talking old-school, 80s Brazil, I’ll take Zico

  3. Łupek says:

    Dammit, I just wanted to go for Zico!!!
    If that’s taken, I’d go for Maradona just to hear the ref saying “you’ve got some white powder on your upper lip”, or Georgie Best for being allowed to play drunk. Or Johann Cruyff – he’s been uber-cool on the pitch.
    Or Cantona, but only if the shirt has a collar.
    That’s a thing I’ve always been doing on the pitch – The King’s collar-up-thing :)

  4. Kipp says:

    Kim Kallstrom
    a literal traction engine for a left foot
    that literally knocks goalkeepers out

  5. Adam says:

    When I read the Socrates comment, I interpreted that as the founder of Western Philosophy, rather than an awesome Brazilian.

  6. Matthew Burke says:

    Tony Cascarino

  7. Matthew Burke says:

    Tony Cascarino

  8. pbg says:

    i like the way
    looks on the back of a shirt, but i’d probably just go for deco or messi or vicente

  9. Raiks says:

    Titus Bramble
    Because he should be in a pub team.