Card-snatcher John Terry is not fit to captain England


25th, September 2007


080chelsea_468x358.jpgI always thought Steven Gerrard should have been made captain of England, and John Terry’s increasingly shameful behaviour only reinforces that opinion. When JT tried to snatch the red card from ref Mike Dean’s hand during Sunday’s showdown between Man Utd and Chelsea at Old Trafford, he crossed the line. Terry deserves at least a three-match ban for this action, which was the tip of the iceberg as far as his bullying of refs goes. He seems to think that because he wears the captain’s armband he has the right to rant and rave at every decision that goes against him, but instead he comes across a graceless thug.

The Daily Mail reports that Terry faces a ban for attempting to snatch the red card – shown to John Obi Mikel – from Dean’s hand, and quite right too. No doubt some kids watching Terry will now repeat his actions, thinking that it’s quite alright to bully the ref if the England captain does it too.
Right, that’s enough high-horsery for one day, but honestly, I have no time for Terry these days.
Do you think he should pick up a ban for this?

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  1. Clayton says:

    I don’t get the whole protesting thing, players go on as if the ref is going to say to them ‘yep you are quite right, I will completely disregard what I or my fellow official saw and shall award you two extra goals…’ It is never going to happen so this card snatching makes even less sense.
    JT exploits since the captaincy are on the increase in my opinion, it is a slippery slope, mark my words, he will be hanging out with Amy Winehouse before you know it.

  2. tentonipete says:

    Definitely right on Gerrard being England captain.
    Having said that, when will we get an England captain who has two braincells to rub together?
    Beckham had nothing between his ears, Terry is thick. Gerrard is no better, when interviewed he stated that his favourite cheese was “Melted cheese”…

  3. mo says:

    Its about time this was said.
    Terry has always been like this. I have no problem with some protesting to the ref, but the bully-esque, spitting-his-dummy-out way that terry does it after even the most indefensible decision pushes into unsportsmanlike behaviour.

  4. sa says:

    agree but stevie gs not much better

  5. Mike says:

    Stevie G is no better than JT and also dives. Much worse choice I feel. JT has a temper and should be punished for the grab, but losing the captaincy is ridiculous. I’d rather have someone passionate about the game and the team he plays for anyway. Temper aside, the choice between JT and SG is clear- there was no whinging from JT about playing with a broken toe when his country needed him.

  6. Joe says:

    Gerrard didn’t whinge- Benitez did. Terry shouldn’t even be in Englands first XI let alone their captain. All he does is eying up Lampards bubble booty…


    Who wouldn’t eye Frankie’s succulent bum?
    That said, Gerrard for England captain! He’s solid, serious, passionate and not a thug, like JT. With a braindead manager like McLaren, JT as a captain was sure to follow.
    Would someone rid us of the both of them?
    And quickly, please.

  8. Morgan says:

    JT is the best captain in the premiership, im an everton fan n wud much rather see him as our captain playing brilliantly week in week out than have phill “the passenger” neville playing. As for his treatment of refs, as captian he is well within his rights to talk to the referee at any point during the game.